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1. ODF OutDoor Cabinet - The Cross Connection Cabinet provides a secure transition point from the passive optical network (PON) to the subscriber drop for both pre-configured pigtail and/or patch and splice applications.This affordable, high quality Fiber Distribution Cabinet features a low profile design, providing an attractive enclosure for rural & residential deployments. Services up to 576 fiber from a single cabinet.

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High Capacity up to 576 fiber
Customized size available upon request
Pole and pad versions available
Front and back access with locking feature
Provides flexible fiber cable management
Compatible with all types of PLC splitters
Pre-connectorized fiber pigtails installed for rapid deployment
Fully Customizable

2. With the deployment of FTTH networks, splitters are playing very important roles. GPX series optical outdoor cabinets are the best solutions for accommodating splitters in high density under outdoor environment.

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High strength glass-fiber polyester (SMC) body ensures excellent performance of mechanical durability, anti-erosion, aging resistance and lightweight.
The cabinet has functions of cable termination as well as fiber distribution, splice, storage and dispatch.
Solid and fully-closed structure with the advantages of good performance of dust-proof, pleasing and neat appearance.
Excellent waterproof and dustproof performance.
Lock provided for every cabinet ensures the safety.
Multi-functions – various types of Distribution Units (DU) are available for making different combinations.
Disc-shaped splice tray (12-24 cores/ tray) can be used for direct splicing.
Accommodates SC, FC and LC and ST adapters.
Each incoming cable will be fixed properly with earth provided.

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