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FPR1120-NGFW-K9 Cisco Firepower 1120 NGFW Appliance, 1U
Thông số kỹ thuật sản phẩm

FPR1120-NGFW-K9 Cisco Firepower 1120 NGFW Appliance, 1U

Tính năng Firepower 1120
Throughput: Firewall (FW) + Application Visibility and Control (AVC) (1024B) 1.5 Gbps
Throughput: FW + AVC + Intrusion Prevention System (IPS) (1024B) 1.5 Gbps
Maximum concurrent sessions, with AVC 200K
Maximum new connections per second, with AVC 15K
Transport Layer Security (TLS) 700 Mbps
Throughput: IPS (1024B) 1.5 Gbps
IPSec VPN throughput (1024B TCP w/Fastpath) 1 Gbps
Maximum VPN Peers 150
Cisco Device Manager (local management) Yes
Centralized management Centralized configuration, logging, monitoring, and reporting are performed by the Threat Defense Manager (FMC) or, alternatively, from the cloud with Cisco Defense Orchestrator
AVC Standard, supporting more than 4000 applications, as well as geolocations, users, and websites
AVC: OpenAppID support for custom, open-source application detectors Standard
Cisco Security Intelligence Standard, with IP, URL, and DNS threat intelligence
Cisco IPS Available; can passively detect endpoints and infrastructure for threat correlation and Indicators of Compromise (IoC) intelligence
Cisco Malware Defense for Networks Available; enables detection, blocking, tracking, analysis, and containment of targeted and persistent malware, addressing the attack continuum both during and after attacks.
Integrated threat correlation with Cisco AMP for Endpoints is also optionally available
Cisco Malware Analytics sandboxing Available
URL filtering: number of categories More than 80
URL filtering: number of URLs categorized More than 280 million

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